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Approach to Therapy

My hope is that when you enter my office you find a space in which you feel completely accepted, as you are, without judgement.  A space in which you can feel truly understood and in which you know your story matters.  From there, I will help you clarify thoughts and feelings, and better understand the role any distressing behaviors are having in your life.  Of primary importance is then using all the insight and skills gained to move to a place of action; where you can reclaim aspects of your life that you may feel have been lost, and where you can feel empowered to live life on your terms.

Education and Training

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.  I then attended the University of Wisconsin-Stout where I earned a Master's of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a concentration in the Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders.  In 2012, I received my Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN.

My primary focus throughout my education, training, and work experiences has been helping people to tackle their symptoms of disordered eating, distress related to body image, and underlying issues.  I have trained and worked at two of the area's eating disorder treatment centers, prior to moving to a private practice setting, where I now continue to focus on serving those clients.

Additional training and work experiences have included helping people with a variety of other symptoms and mental health diagnoses.  Examples include conducting psychological assessments; providing low to no-cost services at a community mental health clinic; and assisting people in addressing symptoms of substance abuse and dependence.

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